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           Another early morning came and a wakeup call rang in Oliver’s hotel room to wake him up. When Oliver answered it he got out of bed, washed up, and put his clothes on as fast as he could because this was very exciting since he was in the finals to compete on who is the best 1st grade fighter. Then he took his room key and ran to the elevator and was the only one who made it in by himself. Once he made it to the lobby he had to wait with the principal until the rest of the students arrived. It took only about 3 minutes until everyone else arrived to the lobby and were shown to the dining hall.

           The moment they entered the dining hall the students quickly got in line and began serving themselves the food they wanted from the buffet. Oliver had his plate and got croissant bread and to put in it he got eggs, round patty sausage, two strips of bacon as for the side he got an apple and to drink he got a glass of milk. After that he started eating his meal and drinking his milk which tasted good to him. When Oliver finished eating he immediately went to the tournament and once he made it he used the restroom and then went to the locker room and saw there are only much fewer students left now. Though this time the matches were longer due to the competitors that are left putting up a better fight due to them making it this far.

           After a few more hours it was finally Oliver’s turn which made him jump off the bench with excitement and run to the ring. When he walked in he saw that he was the first one in the ring waiting for his opponent. The opponent that Oliver is fighting is a boy that has a baseball bat for a weapon and he is wearing an entire baseball outfit to match because he is a huge fan of the game. His power allows him to swing his bat and never miss and can make two more baseball bats appear in his hands to give him a power advantage in his swing. Oliver saw the look on this baseball boy’s face that he thought he was going to win easily due to Oliver not having any weapons to use his power.

The baseball boy said with confidence, “Looks like you have lost this tournament.”

Oliver argued back, “No, you’re the one going down.”

          The moment that bell dinged and Oliver didn’t hesitate to run fast in different directions at the baseball boy as he kept on swinging in different directions and for the first time unable to hit him. Oliver knew if he’d run straight at the baseball boy he would get hit easily but if he goes at him on different directions he won’t be able to hit him or at least not as easily. Every time the baseball boy missed he got more and more angry which began making him use his 3 bat swings and once he started missing still it made him even more angry. This gave Oliver openings to quickly trip the baseball boy to land on the ground which made him really angry as he got back up with anger not letting go of the bat. As the fight continued it lasted for about over 10 minutes which made the baseball boy really angry as he couldn’t hit Oliver once.

The baseball boy said, “Man, hold still.”

Oliver said, “never.”

          After another 20 minutes of swinging the bat around at Oliver the baseball boy was not only getting really tired he also needed to pee. So the baseball boy swung his baseball bat even harder using his powers to keep the 3 bats as he holds and swings it while holding in the urge to go pee. The moment he didn’t swing his baseball bat hard enough Oliver quickly grabbed it and snatched it out of his hands. Then Oliver quickly swung the baseball bat at the baseball boy knocking him out of the ring and onto the ground that not only knocked his helmet off it also made him begin wetting himself as he slowly got back up. The baseball boy began to let out all the pee that he was holding that it gone down his legs and even began dripping on the floor.

           When the baseball boy saw what he was doing he immediately crossed his legs and began covering his pants with his hands even though everyone saw what he did and began laughing at him. The baseball boy quickly ran away crying like a little baby boy and since ran away from the ring that violated the rules which means that Oliver was the winner.

The announcer shouted with excitement, “After that hit Oliver is the winner! It looks like we need a cleanup team on the floor and a certain little boy may need to wear pull ups from now on! Also this means that Oliver is the best 1st grader fighter out of all the fighting schools!”

          Oliver walked out of the ring happy to have won and the title of the best 1st grade fighter out of all the fighting schools. So Oliver watched the rest of matches but he noticed the baseball boy was not wearing his baseball uniform but he is only his baseball helmet and wearing a pull up only as he was holding his baseball bat. It turns out his clothes needed to be cleaned since that was his only clothes he brought with him and after a quick shower a pull up was provided for him that was blue and baseball themed. When the tournament was over Oliver went to the restaurant with the other students and picked out what he wanted to eat. This time Oliver got a shrimp sandwich with a side of fries and some apple juice to drink with it.

           Once Oliver finished eating it all and went back to his hotel room to wash up and shower as the cleaning people quickly washed his clothes. When he finished showering Oliver was able to put on his white clean underwear and immediately jumped into bed as he turned on the TV to watch cartoons. After a while it was Oliver’s bed time so he turned off the TV and used the restroom before going to bed to sleep the night away feeling very happy to compete in the ultimate fighting school tournament to fight against the higher graders.
Fighting Schools Tournament Part 3
The fighting tournament continues as Oliver is one win away from being the best 1st grade fighter out of the fighting schools and if he wins he gets to fight against the other best graders in all the fighting schools.

Part 1:…
Part 2:…
Part 4: Coming Soon
Part 5: Coming Soon
Oliver is Naked in Public
While fighting a bomb boy the bomb boy managed to bomb away Oliver's clothes in front of everyone at the tournament. This was drawn by :icont-trane:.

Here's a story to go with it:…


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